The Equation

The Equation

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Message Received

As of last night, we have received confirmation that Curiosity, NASA's latest Mars rover, has landed and will begin its two-year mission to find the building blocks of life. For more on the Curiousity's scientific mission, see the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's site.

The following animation illustrating Curiosity's landing sequence is a must-see. Videos like this, with the ability to awe, inspire and induce a public conversation about science, should be a requirement for major science projects from here on.

Alternatively, with commentary

And lastly, follow the link to a haunting (and fictional) short film about a previous Mars mission, the Sojourner and Pathfinder. Packed into this magnificent film is a humanizing look at robots and the difficulties in explaining science to the public - both in translation and the media's self-imposed restrictions on content. This film, "No Message Received", is part of Orbit(film), a series of independent short films each inspired by one of the features of our Solar System.

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